Morbid Entertainment was born in 2016 after owning/operating District of the Dead haunted house in Buffalo, NY from 2011-2016. Naturally, our passion for the haunted attraction industry, immersive scenic design, and creating one of a kind experiences led us to exhibiting at some of the industry’s largest trade shows. We’ve been creating production work for clients around the globe ever since! When escape rooms took over the planet many years ago, our work became that much more fun not knowing what the next crazy idea was going to be brought to life! We also owned/operated local escape rooms from 2018-2020 giving us the extra experience, knowledge and pride of ownership from both sides of the fence.
Today, we're your one stop shop for turn-key haunted attractions and immersive 60 minute escape room adventures! In addition to our set design services, theatrical packages, mobile experiences and optional international delivery/installation for complete peace of mind, we also offer the most competitively priced "mini escape room games" in the industry!
Our current 10-15 minute themed mini escape games are designed for up to 6 players - perfect for an "up-sell" at your escape room, haunted house, or busy multi-entertainment family fun venue. With small blue prints, all mini games save space and maximize additional captive audience revenue without sacrificing interactive and immersive gameplay!
We had a pretty novel idea from the get go. Offer jaw dropping turn-key escape rooms, mini escape games and scenic work at fair prices without price gouging those that are just as passionate about the industry as we are. Simple right? We hear it all the time during trade shows and from new and existing clients, other great companies wanted to charge $70K-$100K per escape room…We’ll build anything you want at any budget you want, but the majority of escape room and haunted house owners in this incredible (and crazy cool) industry we’re all a part of need to make sense of their return on investment, especially those jumping into this business for the first time! Our shop is located in beautiful Buffalo, NY with low overhead and we’ll continue to provide this same level of service for years to come.
With a wide variety of production set pieces and themes to help bring your vision to life, we can accommodate your haunt or escape room's budget big or small without skimping on the details! We take great pride in customer service, quality, fair pricing, technical support and the passion that goes into our work.
Contact our team today to bring your next idea to life with immersive set work, themed facade entrances or turn-key attractions for your escape room or haunted house!